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How to add website tags on mobile phones and computer desktops? In order to directly access the website from the desktop.

Android phones

There are differences among different browsers. Open in the browser, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner, and a menu will pop up.
Browser 1. Select "Add to", then select "Desktop" and check "OK".
Browser 2, select "Favorite URL", then select "Save as Desktop Bookmark", click the √ in the upper right corner, OK.
Browser 3. Select "Add to Home Screen" and then select "Add".

Apple phone

Open the browser at, Click the share button in the middle of the browser and select add to the main screen (if you haven't found the main screen, swipe left to see it).


Right click on the blank space on the desktop and a menu will appear. Select "New" - "Shortcut" and a window will pop up.
"Please type the location of the object" - Enter“ ”(Or copy the website address and copy it over)
Next, "Type the name of the shortcut" - Enter any name, for example: "Minesweeper game"
Click the "Finish" button.

Note: Whether or not there is www before the domain name is acceptable.

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