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The first click won't be thunder. The numbers in the grid indicate how many mines are around it. The goal of the game is to find all the mines. If you are struck by lightning, you will lose. Click on the emoji to start over. Choose one or two and stay until the end. You can choose, use magic to accelerate mine sweeping speed but with advertisements, modify your nickname to participate in ranking. It is easiest to make it to the top 100 on Mondays, gradually decreasing, and most difficult to make it to the top 100 on Sundays.

Mouse(on Computer):Right click on the original square with the mouse, mark it as thunder with a small flag, and then click to remove the mark. When the marked number of mines matches the number, click on the number (left and right keys can be used) to open the surrounding safety area. Left click on an unmarked square with the mouse to open it directly. set up

Touch(on Mobile or Pad):Click on the square on the touch screen to mark it as thunder, then click to remove the mark. When the marked number of mines matches the number, click on the number to open the surrounding safety area. Long press the square to open it directly. (Can be set to click directly to open; or click three times to open) set up

Minesweeper was originated from a game named "Cube" in 1973. In 1992, Minesweeper was integrated into Mocrosoft's Windows 3.1, then became so famous. Basic formula

If the access in the local area network is abnormal, the cache can be cleared or accessed using HTTPS.

On Android phones, there is a problem with zooming in with multiple clicks: [Settings] - [Intelligent Assistance] - [Accessibility] - [Zoom in gesture] - Turn off.


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Minesweeper (English) 扫雷 (简体中文) मायनेस्वीपर (हिंदी) Minesweeper (Español) Minesweeper (French) مفتش للألغام(Arabic) মিনসোইপের (Bengali) Майнсвипер (Russian) Minesweeper (Portuguese Brazil) Minesweeper (Indonesian) ماینسویشپر (Urdu) Minesweeper (German) 掃雷 (Japanese) Minesweeper (Turkish) மின்சுவைப்பர் (Tamil)
Մայնսվեյփեր (Armenian) Minesweeper (Azerbaijani) Майнсвіпер (Belarusian) মিনসোইপের (Bengali) Майнсвипер (Bulgarian) Minesweeper (Catalan) Minesweeper (Czech) 扫雷 (简体) 掃雷 (繁體) Minesweeper (Danish) Minesweeper (German) Minesweeper (Estonian) Μαϊνσγουεηπερ (Greek) Minesweeper (English US) Minesweeper (English UK) Minesweeper (Spanish) Minesweeper (Esperanto) ماینسویشپر (Persian) Minesweeper (French) מיינסוופער (Hebrew) मायनेस्वीपर (हिंदी) Minesweeper (Croatian) Minesweeper (Indonesian) Minesweeper (Icelandic) Minesweeper (Italian) 掃雷 (日本語) მაი̆нსვიპერი (Georgian) Minesweeper (Kabyle) 마이너스위퍼 (Korean) Minesweeper (Latvian) Minesweeper (Lithuanian) Minesweeper (Hungarian) Мајнсвипер (Macedonian) Minesweeper (Malagasy) Minesweeper (Bahasa Melayu) Minesweeper (Dutch) Minesweeper (Norwegian Bokmål) Minesweeper (Norwegian Nynorsk) Minesweeper (Polish) Minesweeper (Portuguese) Minesweeper (Brazilian Portuguese) Minesweeper (Romanian) Майнсвипер (Russian) Мајнсвипер (Serbian) Minesweeper (Albanian) Minesweeper (Slovak) Minesweeper (Finnish) Minesweeper (Swedish) மின்சுவைப்பர் (Tamil) ไมน์สวีปเปอร์ (Thai) Minesweeper (Turkish) Майнсвіпер (Ukrainian) ماینسویشپر (Urdu) Minesweeper (Tiếng Việt) Майнсвипер སིདུ་ཏོ་ 藏文 掃雷(粤语) 掃雷(台湾) 掃雷(香港) 掃雷(新加波华语) 掃雷(维语)

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